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Efficient and targeted Tamilnadu Banner Exchange AdNetwork

My Tamil Ad Network (MKN) is a simple and efficient banner exchange program for Tamil sites who agree to share banners between them.

For every click at the banner placed at your site, you will earn 25 banner views to show in other member sites. Additionally, for every 3 banners shown on your site,  your banner will be shown 2 times in the member sites.

My-Tamil Banner Network is limited to Tamil related sites, thus your banner will attract the maximum visitors interested on Tamil.

All members show the banners at top of their index page, thus maximizing ad network efficiency.  The current average click-thru ratio of all the active accounts is 

Free benefits, including On-line Statistics +  IP logs of advertisers + Placement of your banner at top location of other prominent Tamil sites + E-mail Support + 1000 Free Credits.

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